Mercury Safe

Constant pressure from chewing, or grinding or clenching your teeth may cause your dental fillings or restorations to wear away, chip, or crack. If the seal between your tooth enamel and the restoration breaks down, food particles and decay-causing bacteria can work their way under the restoration. For these reasons, you may find that you have fillings that need replacing.

Many people do not realize their “silver” amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. Although dental amalgam continues to be a commonly used restorative material, some concern has been raised because of its mercury content and the possible adverse effects of mercury vapor on overall health.

When it’s time for your amalgam fillings to be removed, we at Ashwood Dental take safety precautions to protect your health:

  • We utilize rubber dams to minimize mercury exposure.
  • We provide pure oxygen during the amalgam removal to limit your exposure to mercury vapors, and goggles to protect your eyes.
  • We use Chlorella rinses to attempt to chelate as much mercury as possible.
  • Our rooms are constantly being filtered for mercury both during and after amalgam removal procedures.

Once your fillings have been removed, it is important they are replaced with a material that is as biofriendly as possible. While no foreign material is completely biocompatible, we offer you the best, most stable composites to preserve your health. Of course, the tooth-colored materials offer an aesthetic improvement, too!

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Mercury Safe